Larian Studios

Internship Tool Developer
WPF, Xaml

This was a 18-week long end of studies internship for my Digital Arts and Entertainment bachelor.

Larian Studios is a Belgium game studio well known for their RPG-games and the Divinity Series.
During my internship I worked as part of the tools team maintaining and expanding the in-house engine and editor.
Working closely together with other programming departments, Quality Assurance, artists and designers.
Most used technologies contain C++, C++/CLI, C#, .NET, WPF and WinForms.

Special thanks to the tool lead Sebastiaan Sprengers, the tools team and everyone at Larian for guiding me and helping me become a better tool developer during this internship

Color picker

One of the new features I added to the editor was a color picker.
The most important part of this picker was the gamma correctness.
To achieve this while maintaining high performance HLSL shaders were used.
Additional tabs on the right contained palettes, area eye dropper, recent colors and visual undo history.

Gamma correctness, left 1.0 gamma, right 2.2 gamma. Tabs with multiple pickers. Tabs with additional functionality.
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