Visual Novel engine and editor
Work in progress

Oniven is a WPF editor to make visual novel games with.

Create a visual novel in the WPF editor, after building you can run the game from a performant C++ engine.

At the moment I am still mostly working on the engine core and base tools (propertygrid, docking, graph,...).

Using a guide-system, elements can be placed with rules to fit any monitor size.
Automatically generated property grid from attributes.
  • Enums
  • Arrays
  • Custom editors by type or name
  • Searching
  • Undo/Redo
  • Group by categories
  • Hidden properties
  • Sort by order or alphabetically
  • Text localization
  • (WIP) Multi-Editing

  • Category list with property-grid (with [all] category)
  • Class list with property-grid (image below)
Object serialization.
  • Serialize/Deserialize to Binary or Xml files
  • Arrays
  • Nested classes
  • Value converters
  • Reference resolver

  • Custom File Editor:
    • Open and save Binary/Xml files
    • Visual representation of data
    • Edit values or tree structure
    • Searching
    • Undo/Redo
    • (WIP) File diffing
Docking Docking system for panels.
  • Tool panels
  • Group panels
  • Popout drawers
  • (WIP) Drag/Drop panels
  • (WIP) Load/Save layout

As default style MaterialDesignInXAML is used. This is a style using the style guidelines of Material Design by Google.

Thanks to this style the user can choose between a light or dark theme and select their highlight colors.

Dr Vec is a different project of mine that has been merged into Oniven for editing paths and splines.
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