Vocaloid Dash

Wait tables and keep vocaloids happy.
3DS Max

The popular flash game 'Diner Dash' from PlayFirst but in 3D and reimagined with Vocaloids.

Assign clients to a table and give them the menu.
Wait for them to decide and bring their order to the kitchen.
When the meal is prepared bring the food to the table.
When the clients have eaten their fill bring the check and clean the table afterwards.

Assigning clients to chairs with the same color gives them a boost.
If you let clients wait for too long they will leave angry and you won't get any money.

Client models by TaigaLove
Staff models by KawaiiNeko28

Gameplay Video

This is a strategy game where you control a waiter and try to reach the restaurants daily goal by servicing clients.
The waiter has two arms and can thus carry up to two items, these be orders, food plates or dirty plates.
When the kitchen is done with an order a color-coded food plate will spawn which you can go pick up and deliver to the table of the same color.
When a tables leaves the kitchen automatically stops preparing their food or if it's already done it loses it's color and has to be thrown out.
You can go to the music player and put up some music with a certain color which makes the clients with the corresponding colors more happy.

You give the waiter orders by clicking actionable elements in the scene like a table or the trash bin.

How much the clients tip depends on their happiness so be sure to serve them as fast as possible.
Each type of client is also a little bit different, some are really impatient and others take ages to order.


This is done by simplified A* pathfinding on a grid to avoid tables and reach the destination.
After calculating the path the waiter walks from tile to tile while orienting themselves to the right direction.


All levels are loaded from a YAML file.
There are setting modifiers for almost every variable sush as walk-speed, food-preparation duration, action-speed ...
The locations of the tables and when new clients come in are also set in here.


I wanted to try out animating for myself so after I downloaded the meshes I rigged them myself and animated them in 3DS Max.
There are more then 15 animations ranging from waving, flying, walking, waiting, ... but also environment objects have animations.
The export from max to our school engine format (overlord) did not completely succeeded.

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