Save the city from fire while trying not to wreck it.
Unity Engine
Group Project

WildFire is a singleplayer game where you drive around the city in a firetruck.
The goal is to keep the city save by extinguishing all the fires.
Some buildings are more important than others so pick carefully who you help first.
All elements in the city are destructible making driving around really fun but try to keep the fire away!
Beehives can appear in trees sometimes which you can take out for more reputation.


I worked mainly on the movement of the car trying to perfect the experience.
First I made the movement purely via physics and gave it a really cartooney feeling.
The physics blocked to much fun at times due to their realism so I changed it.
I did wanted to keep the funny cartooney shaking of the car and coded that in.
Kevin helped at the end to finetune the movement a bit more.


There is a lot you can destroy and thus a lot of particle systems.
I implemented options to disable particles of destructables and pooled the particles so slower systems shouldn't lag.


One of our programmers got hired by a game company mid-education so he dropped out of the team.
I continued with his traffic system expanding it with check on crossroad so cars don't drive themselves stuck.
I Also added a train in the middle of the city map and made barriers to keep the cars safe.


Placement tools for our artists to quickly make a city. (grid-placement & fences)

Newsflash popup window so you know when a fresh fire has started.

Minimap with an oversight of the city so you can see where you are driving towards.

Eagles of freedom roaming the sky and screeking loudly.

Cut-scene at the beginning.


For more info on the other team members check their site or our blog (downloads are deprecated)


Download for windows from mediafire

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